Use cases

Business customers onboarding

Meet legal requirements, mitigate supplier risk, and better manage your supplier chain. Verify identities and run fraud & risk checks ensuring you know your business partners.

Make risk-based decisions

Qombo allows you to compute risk your way to create a custom model. Trigger escalation scenarios based on risk, so you know who deserves a second look and who doesn’t.

End-to-end process

Qombo allows you to manage the entire customer lifecycle, from account creation to sensible updates. Leverage our data insights to refine your risk management and fraud prevention.

Future-proof business onboarding

Instantly perform KYB checks and easily adapt the verification process when expanding into new markets. Access to specific services designed to assist you on the the setting of the platform.

Business verification solution developers love

We help you go live up to 10 times faster compared to internal development. With our best in class API, your team can seamlessly integrate our API within a matter of days.

Other use cases

Customer onboarding

Qombo verifies your customer's identity during onboarding, without soliciting them, and detects fraudulent profiles as soon as the relationship is established.

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Sensible updates

Identity fraud often occurs when a sensitive information is modified. Qombo automatically checks any bank account, mobile phone number, e-mail or document linked to these requests.

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Payment request

The payment request is the last moment of risk in the process. At this stage, Qombo uses your data to validate the legitimacy of the payment.

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