The online fraud prevention platform of the future.

Handle every verification need in a single dashboard. Verify individuals, businesses and block fraud with our state-of-the-art identity verification technology.

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Why Qombo?

Stop fraud, stay compliant, and solve your identity risk problem.

Fraud attempts are inevitable. It’s not about if it will happen, it’s about whether or not you are prepared. Qombo allows you to detect and prevent any situation instantly without engineering resources.

We are a global end-to-end identity risk solution that helps companies to automate and manage their decisions for onboarding, ongoing fraud & AML monitoring.

Detect and block fraud attempts

Centralise all your verifications in a single tool

Boost conversion

Enhance the productivity of your team

Our vision

We believe the combination of finest verification methods, artificial intelligence and a powerful rules engine are the keys to prevent and detect online fraud.

Our approach

Our platform orchestrates and centralizes the best verification technologies to protect companies against the risk of fraud when onboarding, updating or paying their customers or suppliers.


Discover the power of multidimensional verifications

Device fingerprint and location

Document authenticity

Bank account ownership

Phone number and email analysis

Business verification

ID verification & user behavior

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Integration partners

Access an entire ecosystem of verification and enrichment APIs.

We partner with some of the biggest, most trusted brands in the finance industry. Qombo offers the largest network of third-party data with over 50 integrated data sources.

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