Detect and block fraud before it happens with our Next-Generation platform

Our connected fraud management platform combines best-in-class data sources and an intelligent, AI-powered rules engine to secure your business.

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Manage all your risks from a single platform.

Our fraud prevention software serves as a centralized hub for monitoring and managing fraudulent activities across all levels of your business operations. You gain a comprehensive view of potential risks and suspicious activities.


Take better decisions - automatically

Protect your business against financial, regulatory and reputational risks by onboarding customers and suppliers that are right for you. Create custom rules in our no-code editor to automatically approve your third parties, asign risk labels or perform additional checks.


Delight your users with a seamless verification experience

Personalise the user experience and ensure consistency with your brand. Reduce drop-off thanks to automated email communications, reminders and analytic capacities on the user journey.



Access to realtime data thanks to our technical partnerships. Detect and block fraud in seconds with the power of digital footprints and machine learning algorithms.

Works anywhere

Stay protected against fraud and compliant globally, with unlimited international coverage. Individuals and businesses can be assessed in more than 180 countries.

Variety of data points

Access hundreds of new and complementary data points on the third party you need to control. Receive accurate information on different domains of expertise, with actionable trust and risk signals.

Risk intelligence


Build your own risk scoring model according to the data you have in your possession and to your business challenges.


Enhance your workflows with passive and/or active checks, we are able to verify more than 50 data points without affecting the user experience.


Arrange and orchestrate the verification logic the way you like: approve trusted users fast, make verification impossible for bad actors, and choose which cases to send for manual review.


Qombo is designed to communicate with all your systems: CRM, website, internal back office, ERP or transaction monitoring, allowing you to distribute identity, risk, and fraud data throughout your organization.


Skip the integration process entirely and add an identity verification link or QR code to your website. Your customer or supplier can pass verification immediately by simply clicking the link.

Web and Mobile SDK

Start verifying users rapidly with our SDKs! The Web SDK contains a ready-made ID verification system widget you can add to your product right away.


Our solution architects are here to embed Qombo’s identity verification features into your product, based on any particular requirements you might have.

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